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Some interesting residents have included:
Neil Amswych: Actor; aged 9 in 1984, of Cuckoo Hill , Pinner; appeared in TV production of Anna Karenina. 
Ronnie Barker: Comedian: lived Elmdene, Church Lane, Pinner. 
Mrs Isabella Beeton(1836-65) Cookery writer. Lived at 2 Chandos Villas, Hatch End. 
Reginald Bridgeman (1884-1968): Diplomat and politician; lived at Waxwell Farm Cottage. Nephew of the Earl of Bradford. [See PINN THREE for further information]
Ivy Compton Burnett (1884-1969): novelist; born at 2 Onslow Villas, Hatch End
Louis Davis: Stained glass designer; lived in Paines Lane, Pinner.
Chris Duncan: Under-16 British Chess Champion, 1986; lived Love Lane, Pinner
Janice Graham: Violinist; string finalist in Young Musician of year 1984; lived Malpas Drive. 
Sir Ambrose Heal (see above)
Bob Holness: Broadcaster; lives Elm Park Road, Pinner.
John Zephaniah Holwell (1711-98)Governor of Bengal; writer; survivor of the Black Hole of Calcuta; lived Pinner Place and The Lodge, Pinner Green. [See PLHS Newsletter 75 for full story.] 
A.E.Housman (1859-1936): poet and classical scholar; lived at 1 Yarborough Villas, Hatch End1905-11
Sir Ernest Jelf ( 1868-1949): Judge, King's Remembrancer; wrote fairy plays acted by local children in his garden in St Mary's, Waxwell Lane; earlier he lived in Pinner Road and at Church Farm. 
Elton Hercules John (Reginald Dwight) (1947- ): popular musician and song writer: born in Pinner Green. 
Justin Lanning: Champion ice skater aged 14 in 1987; lived Greystoke Avenue. 
Lisa Lehmann (1862-1918): concert singer and composer; wrote In a Persian Garden song cycle while living at 58 Waxwell Lane, Pinner, when first married to Herbert Bedford, miniaturist. 
She died in Cornwall Rd, Hatch End. [See PINN THREE for more information.]
Hilda Light (1890-1969): Captain of English Women's Hockey Team 1924 Lived at Selwood, Cornwall Road. 
Simon Lipscombe: British Junior War Games Champion 1981; lived in Pinner.
Edward Bulwer Lytton (1803-73) .Wrote the novel "Eugene Aram" at Pinner Wood House in 1832. 
Barry Pain: Comic novelist; lived at The Red House, Elm Park Road and The Circuits, Cuckoo Hill, Pinner. 
Steve Reid: Member of British skateboarding team 1983; lived Pinner Hill Road. 
William Heath Robinson (1872-1944): Book illustrator and comic artist. Lived 75 Moss lane 1913-18. [It is hoped to open a Museum of his works in West House when it is restored.]
R Howard Spring (1889-195): Novelist; lived in East End Way, Pinner. Wrote popular novels while at Pinner, including Fame is the Spur
David Suchet: Actor; lives Church Lane, Pinner. 
Bert Thomas: Cartoonist; lived at Church Farm, High Street, Pinner. 
Horatia Nelson Ward: (1801-1881): daughter of Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton; lived in West End Lane, Church Lane and Woodridings; buried Paines Lane cemetery. 
David Watts: Under-14 British Chess champion 1981; lived Hazeldene Drive, Pinner. 
Molly Weir: actress; lives Moss Lane, Pinner.